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“During my first trip to Armenia and Artsakh with a group of 40 fellow young Armenian people from Greece, we stopped at Vank Village where there is a carved Lion on the rock of a hill. Our resting time caught the attention of this elder person, who stared at us in high curiosity”.

Sarin Aventisian is a 25 year old, photography and cinematography student of the Technological Educational Institute in Athens, Greece.
She is an art lover and has had the chance to dig in the world of art through her studies in Greece and her exchange studies and experience in Spain. She has attended the Complutense fine arts university for two semesters in Madrid, where she fell in love with the city and the culture.
Her passion is to observe the world through light, colors and movement. She gets inspired by people and loves to capture their expressions on her camera lens. Travelling is one of her favourite hobbies too.
Volunteering has also been a big part of her life, once she is of an Armenian origin and that has affected her entire state of mind. She is a proud Armenian descendant and she expresses her feelings about this through art. Her latest work in photography is in progress and it is inspired by her nation's culture, history and the fact that she is a genocide survivor, living in diaspora.

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