Tasos Leonoglou

Tasos Leonoglou graduated from the School of Fine & Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia situated in Florina in 2011. He is holding a degree of Sculpture under the known greek sculptor Prof. Hector Papadakis. He has shown his works in more than 10 group exhibitions and projects all over Greece, while he has been contributing or taking part in performances and other actions. His works consist of a variety of materials, and his context is a social and political one, with strong statements on the misuse of the Media and the misleading of the crowd. In addition, he has built installations in public space, focusing on similar issues. Tasos joined the Greek Marble Initiative Symposium as a Guest Artist at the Summer 2014 International Symposium on Marble Sculpture, later appointed the Associate title for his devotion and progress in style. He has exhibited with the Initiative in many occasions.

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