Personal Data Policy / Πολιτική Προσωπικών Δεδομένων

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1 General information
1.1 This policy regarding the handling of personal data (“Personal Data Policy”) describes how Myrό Antiques House collects and handles data about you.

1.2 The personal data policy applies to the personal data that you submit to Myrό Antiques House or the data that is collected via Myrό Antiques House’s website: (“the website”).

1.3 Myrό Antiques House is the data controller for your personal data. All inquiries to Myrό Antiques House regarding this personal data policy can be made through the contact details listed in paragraph 7.

1.4 Myrό Antiques House protects your data through physical, electronic and administrative means. You should always protect your personal data when you are online. As a minimum, you should change your passwords regularly, use a combination of numbers and letters and make sure your browser is secure. Myrό Antiques House uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) standard encryption on pages with personal data. This protects confidential data while they are being transferred over the Internet.

1.5 Myrό Antiques House’s website may contain references to other websites and collaborators. As a rule, Myrό Antiques House does not share your personal data with these third parties and cannot be held responsible for their policies regarding the protection of the customers’ identity. Myrό Antiques House encourages you to read the policies of the websites in question regarding the protection of personal data.

1.6 On various occasions, TV and video segments are recorded in Myrό Antiques House’s premises. Myrό Antiques House will on the days in question post signs about the presence of cameras. The recordings are primarily used for television broadcasts. Myrό Antiques House may also use the recordings for other marketing purposes, including on social media. If you do not wish to appear in these recordings, please contact Myrό Antiques House’s staff at the given location.

2 What personal data does Myrό Antiques House collect, for what purpose and the legal basis for the handling of this data
2.1 Visits to the website

2.1.1 When you visit Myrό Antiques House’s website, you do so anonymously. Myrό Antiques House does not collect any personal data, nor your e-mail address. However, the browser on your computer will disclose your IP address, including your network location, and the type of computer and operating system you are using.

2.1.2 The purpose of the above is to optimize the user experience and the website’s function. This processing of data is necessary in order for Myrό Antiques House to continue the process of improving the website.

2.1.3 Myrό Antiques House does not share your data with third parties for remarketing/retargeting purposes.

2.1.4 The legal basis for the handling of the data is article 6 of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (1) f).

2.2 Customer registration

2.2.1 When you sign up as a customer (create an account), Myrό Antiques House collects the data you provide, for example, name, address, country, valid and verified email address, phone number and password. In addition, Myrό Antiques House collects data about which items you bid on, buy, return, have evaluated or sell, delivery requests and data about the IP address from which the transaction was made.

2.2.2 The purpose is to provide you access to use Myrό Antiques House as an auction house. In addition, Myrό Antiques House can fulfil its agreements with you and offer you better customer service, including assisting you with issues related to the desired transactions, as well as managing your right to return items and submitting complaints. Myrό Antiques House also handles data about your purchases and sales in compliance with legal requirements, for purposes such as bookkeeping and financial statements.

2.2.3 The purpose of collecting the data is also to ensure traceability of items as Myrό Antiques House collaborates with the authorities under the Ministry of Justice.

2.2.4 The legal basis for the handling of the data is article 6 of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (1) b), c) and f).

2.3 Newsletters and search agents

2.3.1 When you sign up for Myrό Antiques House’s newsletters and/or create a search agent (personalized newsletter), data will be collected about your email address and the types of newsletters you want to receive.

2.3.2 The purpose is to manage Myrό Antiques House’s interest in being able to deliver newsletters to you, as well as offer you the special advantage associated with the newsletter subscription, namely to receive relevant information concerning new services, events or auction lots in categories that you have previously expressed an interest in (online marketing).

2.3.3 The legal basis for the handling of the data is article 6 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. (1) b) and f).

3 Recipients of the personal data
3.1 As a rule, your data will never be disclosed to third parties unless you explicitly request this.

3.2 Myrό Antiques House, however, passes on the required personal data to the necessary collaborators (e.g. carriers and the catalogue printing company) in connection with the purchase of catalogues and auction lots.

3.3 Data will also be provided to relevant public authorities in connection with, for example, applying for permits on your behalf. Finally, your customer data as well as data about transactions, valuations etc. may be disclosed to relevant public authorities (such as the Police) in the case of an ongoing investigation.

3.4 The data can include company name, recipient name, address and telephone number, e-mail address, customer number, auction and lot number, hammer price, bill of delivery, lot description, VAT amount specification, invoice copy, customs documentation etc.

3.5 Data may be left with external collaborators who process the data on behalf of Myrό Antiques House. Myrό Antiques House uses external partners to operate, for example, the financial system, mail system, mail filter, telephone system, shredding of papers, and technical operations and improvements on the website. These companies are data handlers, and under Myrό Antiques House’s instructions, they handle the data which Myrό Antiques House is the controller for. The data handlers may not use the data for any other purpose than to fulfil the agreement with Myrό Antiques House and are subject to confidentiality regarding the data. Myrό Antiques House has entered into written data handling agreements with all the data handling companies that handle personal data on behalf of Myrό Antiques House.

4 Your rights
4.1 In order to provide transparency regarding the handling of your data, Myrό Antiques House must, as data controller, inform you of your rights.

4.2 Right of access

4.2.1 At any time, you are entitled to request access to whatever data Myrό Antiques House has registered about you, the purpose of this registration, which categories of personal data and recipients of data there may be, as well as information on where the data comes from.

4.2.2 You can access the personal data that Myrό Antiques House has registered about you under your personal page on the website. Here you have the opportunity to both view and modify this data.

4.2.3 You can always contact Myrό Antiques House if you have changes or questions regarding your data.

4.2.4 You are entitled to receive a copy of the personal data that Myrό Antiques House is keeping about you. If you want a copy of your personal data, you must first send a written request to You will be asked to provide documentation stating that you are who you claim to be.

4.2.5 The price for the above service is 2€ (Incl. VAT) per commenced page handed out.

4.3 Right to rectification

4.3.1 You are entitled to have incorrect personal data about yourself corrected. If you become aware that there are errors in the data that Myrό Antiques House has registered about you, you can log on to your personal page on the website, where you can change this data.

4.3.2 You can always contact Myrό Antiques House if you have any other changes or questions regarding your data.

4.4 Right to erasure

4.4.1 In some cases, you have the right to have all or some of your personal data erased by Myrό Antiques House. For example, if you revoke your consent, and Myrό Antiques House has no other legal basis to continue the handling of your data. To the extent that a continued handling of your data is necessary, for example, to allow Myrό Antiques House to be in compliance with its legal obligations, or for legal claims to be determined, enforced or defended, Myrό Antiques House is not required to delete your personal data.

4.4.2 In the event that you wish all or some of your personal data erased by Myrό Antiques House and this turns out to be undoable due to one of the reasons listed above, Myrό Antiques House will instead keep your data in a protected environment with highly limited access.

4.5 The right to limit the handling to storage only

4.5.1 In certain cases, you have the right to limit the handling of your personal data to consist of storage only, for instance, if you believe that the data Myrό Antiques House is handling about you is incorrect.

4.6 Right to data portability

4.6.1. You may, in certain cases, have the right to obtain personal data that you yourself have provided Myrό Antiques House, which will be given to you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You also have the right to transfer this data to another data controller.

4.7 The right to object

4.7.1 You are entitled at any time to object to Myrό Antiques House’s handling of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, including the segmentation done to more accurately target Myrό Antiques House’s direct marketing.

4.7.2 In addition, you may at any time, for reasons relating to your personal situation, object to the handling of your personal data, which Myrό Antiques House undertakes based on our legitimate interests, cf. 2.1 – 2.4.

4.8 The right to withdraw your consent

4.8.1 At any time, you are entitled to withdraw a consent you have given to Myrό Antiques House for the handling of your personal data, including signing up for newsletters, search agents, catalogues and online marketing. If you wish to withdraw your consent, you have to log on to your personal page via the website and change your personal settings.

5 Deletion of personal data
5.1 Data collected about your use of the website, cf. 2.1., will be deleted no later than a year after your latest activity on the website.

5.2 Data gathered in connection with your registration for newsletters, search agents or catalogues will be deleted as soon as your consent is withdrawn, unless Myrό Antiques House has another legal basis for handling the data.

5.3 As Myrό Antiques House collaborates with the authorities in connection with ongoing cases concerning crimes such as fencing, forgery and fraud, Myrό Antiques House does not normally delete personal data. Data collected in connection with transactions (bids, purchases, consignments and sales) that you have carried out either on the website or at traditional auctions, cf. 2.2, will, as a rule, be placed in a protected environment with limited access for three years following the end of the calendar year in which you made your transaction. Data may be stored for a longer time than this when there is a legitimate need for longer storage time, for instance, if this storage proves necessary for legal claims to be determined, enforced or defended, or if storage is required by Myrό Antiques House to comply with legal requirements. Accounting materials are kept for five years until the end of a financial year.

6 Security
6.1 Myrό Antiques House has implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent the accidental or illegal destruction, loss, change or deterioration of the personal data, as well as unwanted parties gaining access to and/or misusing the personal data.

6.2 Only those of Myrό Antiques House’s employees who have a real need of your personal data in order to perform their job have access to these.

7 Contact information
7.1 Myrό Antiques House is the controller of the personal data collected via the website.

7.2 If you have questions or comments about this personal data policy or wish to make use of one or more of your rights described in paragraph 4, please contact:

Myrό Antiques House
Nikiforou Foka 8
546 21 Thessaloniki

Tel.: +697 1890212, 693 6774355

8 Changes in the personal data policy
8.1 If Myrό Antiques House makes changes to the personal data policy, you will be informed of this at your next visit to the website or upon receiving your receipt material in connection with bidding, purchase, consignment or sale at auction.

8.2 If you have signed up for a newsletter, search agent or catalogue subscription, you will be informed of the policy changes via a newsletter to your registered email address.

9 Versions
This is the first version of Myrό Antiques House’s personal data policy, dated May 11th 2022.


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