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‘My name is Mariam Terzian, I am 24 and from Armenia.
Mostly when people ask me who I am or what I am doing in my life, I get confused, because the only thing I know and can answer is that I am an artist (a human of art- if translate directly from Armenian). The only function that I can safely perform which is 100% exclusive to me, completely under my control and which represents a unique purpose that makes my existences in some way seem of value is creating art. I am doing art since I was 4 years old. And during my life the form of art that I am creating is changing. I have started from painting, fine arts, graphic design, and now I am mostly in photography. In the last year I’ve turned a hobby into a profession and then into a lifestyle, and I am trying to do my best to improve my technique, creativity, skills for creating meaningful and valuable photography. Besides photography, I adore nature, hiking, travelling, exploring new places and cultures, riding bicycle, making stickers with my own design.

There are an infinite number of reasons why I love photography and start to make photography. And each time I capture an image the number of reasons increases by at least one more reason. I enjoy making street photography, and the first reason is that sometimes life is beautiful and I can capture that beauty, because time deteriorates every ''beautiful'' thing. It’s up to photographer to keep those beauties eternal. The next reason is that photography is about history, it records history, my history, history of my beloved people, favorite moments, and everything that is important at the moment of capturing. It preserves it for future generations to see, enjoy, or interpret as they please. And the 3rd reason is that photography can change views on something, world views or individual views. And photography has huge impact on emotions, values, beliefs and the ability to evoke emotions in others and also be a useful tool for helping and solving some problems or tool for bringing some change in the world like Auction for Pink is doing now’.

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