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Odysseas Tosounidis is one of the sculptors that stayed for the longer time with us. If I should speak for a dinstinct characteristic of Odysseas this would be patience and hard work. Although most of the marble sculptors are patient people, Odysseas sets a new standard. He has created as many pieces as others, but, despite the fact that he is in no way slower than the other sculptors who participated in the Initiative’s Summer 2013 Symposium, but in 5 months time! So what’s the catch, yoy may wonder… Odysseas sets a dialogue with the material -will it be granite or marble doesn’t matter, he tames it slowly to become his image his fantasy creates. All his works mirror the hardship of being as well as the balance of the universe. His first, the “Womb”, given birth from a vast and massive, hard-and-tough black marble stone, which we were able to move only with the use of a huge crane of heavy objects, almost 2 by 2 by 1 meters, claimed that he worked from early morning to late at night for almost 2 months to get it done the exact way he wanted every scar to be incised! The result of course is a powerfull and magnificent piece, one of the best he has ever done!
Dimensions: 3.20 x 3.70 x1.30 – Greece 2013

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