Filippos Kalamaras

Filippos Kalamaras born in Athens in 1978. He studied sculpture in Loughborough Art School of England and continued his postgraduate studies in Scotland on the History and Theory of Art in the School of Fine Arts of Edinburgh. He counts a great number of participations in exhibitions in Greece and abroad, while it should be noted that in 2002 his work with title “Female figure” was placed in a public place, in the community of Arp, in England. Apart from his artistic creation, which concentrates mostly on sculpture, he teaches 3D Applications and Decorative Arts, and Multimedia, in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Florina, Greece, and he participates as an instructor at seminars teaching animation applications to Union Art Teachers and to professors of the School of Fine Arts, in Athens. He is a member of the Board and Editor in the Foundation “Demetrios Kalamaras”, which is a National Endowment, and the only institution in Greece that its main purpose is to promote art education and research in Teaching Methodology of Art. He is the editor of five catalogs the Foundation has published.

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